The Overlooked Blessing

If you are struggling to find something to be grateful for right now besides quality time with yourself and/or family, take just a moment and consider something seriously.

Not so long ago, there was no Internet. Let that sink in. Then remember that at that time, our phones only dialed, and some of them took a very poor pictures. They were just starting to allow text messaging using keypads to spell out letters.

Think about how different all of this could be without the technological advances we have made. No ability to do remote education. No ability to do remote medical appointments. No ability to work from home. And waiting patiently for the news at certain times of the day, or in the mail. Or the newspaper. Only getting a phone call if you wanted to know anything immediately. Do you feel grateful for anything now?

PS If you have ever criticized a person who is chronically ill because they spend a lot of time on social media, consider how much time you’re spending on it, and why.

Does it keep you from feeling isolated? Do you feel connected to others and less alone, especially communicating with people like you, with the same unique challenges at bt his time… be they jobs that force you to be exposed, kids at home with no child care, lowered immunities, separation from your children and custody issues considering one immunocompromsied parent, people separated from loved ones in nursing homes and hospice & worried they may not see them alive again, people fighting to keep their sanity if they are not used to spending many days with young children at home or with their spouses, children in abusive homes that are not getting a break for childcare or school, whose parents are stressed out and taking it out on them, so many many different challenges…

Be thankful for our ability to be in community as much as we can these days, and remember to take breaks and be present, especially if you are with family you don’t normally get to spend this much time with. The Internet will still be here. And a godsend for many of us. But please remember how much you are depending on it during this time and think about why. Remember the same thing applies to people who cannot work and feel isolated at home. Now do you understand? If people understand at least one thing about disabled and chronically ill or terminal people, it will be one positive we can take from this. Just a little bit more understanding and compassion in the world. ❤️

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