Modesty, A Collaboration

This is an excellent blog post about something I hadn’t put much thought into, having had many urinary tract issues as a child and being used to being exposed. But it hit home when I read and thought about it.

There is a lot to be said about perceptions and it is incredible the difference when you’ve had the opportunity and misfortune to sit on the opposite side of the desk than you’re accustomed to.

Going from attorney to client, doctor to patient, or even from one profession to another, where you are used to being spoken to, seen and treated with a level of respect, and suddenly find yourself at the mercy of someone else now filling those shoes.

I always tried to go in asking clients what they knew, so I could figure out the best way to explain something. When you’re used to understanding and explaining difficult concepts for a living, and suddenly you know everything you’re being told is being dumbed down, it is infuriating!

I’ve often said the higher you climb, the harder you fall. Nobody ever wanted to be a patient when they grew up. The doctors and medical staff who remember this do very well, and those who don’t could learn a lot from them.

I think every professional should have to spend a week on the other side of his/her respective desk. Just for some perspective and understanding.

Please read the following post, which really explains this idea perfectly.

Recently, I had to disrobe completely for a scan. I was already wearing a hospital gown that I’d been given after I tried to stay in my own clothes …

Modesty, A Collaboration


  1. Thank you, my friend, for sharing. Yes, my own experience with a divorce did help me see my clients differently and that was so key for my practice.

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    1. Exactly! The whole thing hit home for me. And then some. Thanks for writing it.

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