Insurance Nightmare #6,372!

Why are we denying your life-saving medication? Let me count the excuses that haven’t worked in the 45 mins I’ve been on the phone with Sarah so far:

  1. Your payment card isn’t updated. (Card being updated. Not sure why? I have no copays.)
  2. There is a deductible. (I’ve met all deductibles. It’s April and I’m me. My deductibles are met in January. Every year.)
  3. There is a “gap copay deductible.” WTH is that and why haven’t I had to pay it any other time I fill this med!?
  4. This is for 30 days and the last one was for 17 days. 🤦🏻‍♀️ (17 days. On an inhaler that only comes in one size and dosage for 30 days!? Wtf is 17 days anyway!?) (Abandoned “gap copay deductible with no explanation. 😂)
  5. This is for 3 for 30 days. (Omg. If it’s 3 inhalers, you think maybe it’s a 90 day supply!?)
  6. You’re in Florida. I may need to transfer you to another department. (I didn’t move since the beginning of the call! Did YOU!?)
  7. Your xopenex can’t be filled two at a time. (Holy 💩! Rescue inhalers and nebulizer solutions are NOT the same thing!)
  8. You don’t meet eligibility requirements for Medicaid anymore bc or your disability income, so you have to get that squared away with Medicaid and you may be able to call them tomorrow. (Fine!! I’m still on Medicare and in the interim, I need to know where my scripts are so when I fix that I don’t have to go through all of these issues again!)

I’m now talking to Marcus. For Florida. God help me, and God help Marcus. This is why I’m still on Xanax.

Update: It was Genella FTW! In 5 minutes she helped me and gave me more info than the other two people combined in what was actually about 1.5 hours! I started at 1939. Finished at 2113! I can’t WAIT to mess with this stuff again tomorrow! For anyone who thinks professional patients sit around doing nothing all day, this is part of my daily routine. Always. I’ve just never heard them switch excuses so many times in one call. 😑😖😭


  1. That’s insane. You are far more patient than I am! I usually raise my voice and accuse them of trying to murder me at least once in each conversation. I hate dealing with the front line people. 🤬

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    1. And I thought I was being rude. Lol I’ve gotten so used to it that I’m almost just shrugging my shoulders the whole time. I just have such low expectations anymore.

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