Social Distancing Fail

It’s just hard to see it, right?

I went to the bank. I probably would have had my neighbor do it, but I was delivering another supply box to one of my doctors, so I figured I would just make a deposit on the way home. I have all my PPE.

Except, I arrived by myself. I went up to the ATM, put in my card, and saw someone pull in behind me in the ATM reflection. I crossed my fingers hoping he would go stand at the little stop sign on the ground that said, “Stand here for social distancing.”

I didn’t even put my pin number in, because I was ready to pull my card, knowing how much of humanity’s IQ has been revealed during this episode of “Making America Stupid Again.” Sure as 💩, he walked right up next to me as I pulled my card and went to the stop sign to wait myself.

He even looked back at me, and didn’t apologize or anything. This is why we are going to spend so long like this. The USA as a whole, and Florida even more so. FloridaMan has already been busy, and will be putting in overtime for the remainder of this apocalypse.






  1. Oh man, you are much kinder than I am! I likely would have stopped at least one f-bomb on him. 😳

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    1. Again, I’ve dealt with so much BS in the last few years that I have just lowered my expectations of all humans. I was watching in the reflection and already knew what he was going to do. I’ve given up. It’s far easier when you just expect it. Then when somebody doesn’t do something stupid, you get to be genuinely excited! 🤗 (This does not apply to my children. When it’s my children, you will hear me all the way down south.)

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