The Empty Chair

I hear the stories

it’s hard not to

in stalls like horses

Hooked to machines

Poisoning the poison

That’s killing us.

The people with them

Sisters, mothers, adult kids

“Lovers…” (an elderly couple)

That one made me smile.

And a few who are alone.

With them is an empty chair,

Because they don’t have someone.

But I do. Mine are not gone.

They’re just not here.

I think it’s lonelier to be alone

When you have people

Who could be here

But choose not to be

Or who make it worse when they are

Than to be alone

Because of circumstances

Beyond anyone’s control.

Sometimes I’m okay with

The empty chair.


  1. I feel this SO MUCH! Those people diagnosed during the pandemic have such a different experience and I grieve for them. Having someone next to me during chemo was a necessity. Love and hugs to you!

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    1. Absolutely. I was in the hospital this weekend and they would only let one person back at a time. Everybody else had to stand outside. Such a different experience. I can’t imagine what it’s like if you come in with Covid symptoms. And I’m still terrified that I took a ride in the Covid Tram. 😳

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