What Science!?

At this moment, my second cousin, a physician, sits on a ventilator with Covid while his 80 year old mom, brother and sister, wife and young child (along with we, the extended family) are praying he is one of the lucky ones.

Yes, he was vaccinated. No, he didn’t stop treating unvaccinated patients. That’s who he is.

I am angry. I saw an amazing post today that said, “People say they don’t believe the science, and then come to the science to heal them.” This is the result. When we lose the doctors who are giving us the science, who will be left to help the sick?

“Ironic: Hospitals are filling up with patients who don’t believe in science, but go to science to heal them!”

In South Florida this week, doctors walked out in protest of unvaccinated people. Good for them! I posted the article without knowing how close it would hit to home.

Yes, we all have rights. However those rights end when they infringe upon the rights of other people. There really is no excuse anymore. At this point, you have the information. You are simply choosing to kill people for whatever reason you are telling yourself.

I hope you can live with that. I also hope my cousin has the chance to live with it.

Lastly, if you don’t believe the science in front of you and choose not to be vaccinated for your own sake or the sake of anyone you love, just stay home and let the virus run its course so you don’t get put into the secret government conspiracy by your doctors. Don’t come to them for help later and kill them.


  1. I’m so so so sorry, Gladys. Praying for your cousin and your family. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

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